Install Windows Any Connect to access SMB File Share from outside the workplace

If you wish to use our SMB File Share system from outside of your work network (i.e. home), please download and run the following Any Connect software to use along with a custom username and password Simplifying IT will provide you. The software will create a private VPN connection to your SMB network so that you may access and use the file share system as if you were in your work network.

Step 1 – Download and run the “annyconnect-win.exe” software from the following link: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Step 2 – Run the file. Once open, click “Next” as below.


Step 3 – Accept the terms and press “Next”.


Step 4 – Press the “Install” button. If Windows shows a security message following this, press “Yes” or “Accept”.


Step 5 – The setup will install. Once done, select “Finish” as below.


Step 6 – Find the “Cisco AnyConnect” software from your start menu. If using Windows 10, you can simply search for the term as below. Click the program once found.


Step 7 – Once run, the Cisco VPN box will appear in the bottom right of your screen. In the text field, enter the following address exactly, and press “Connect”.


Step 8 – After a short wait, the software will ask you for credentials. These are supplied by Simplifying IT, if you do not have these, please contact us. Enter these details and press “OK”.


Step 9 – After a short wait, it will notify you that you are connected. Now you may connect and set up your SMB File Share system as normal.


If you are unsure how to connect your SMB file share system, please contact Simplifying IT.





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