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Cloud Exchange Email Services

A hosted Microsoft Exchange mailbox service from Simplifying IT is a premium business email solution that avoids the necessity for expensive server infrastructure to be installed within your business premises. You can synchronize your Outlook email, calendar and tasks between computers, staff, Outlook Web Access or on your Mobile device for the ultimate anywhere anytime mobile office solution.
Simplifying IT can also manage the migration of your existing email setup into our superior cloud based Exchange Email with minimal distruption to your day to day operations and no loss of existing emails.

Why switch to Cloud Exchange Email?
1. Synchronise email across multiple devices
2. Share calendars, tasks, emails and contacts between others
3. Emails backed up nightly
4. Anti-spam protection
5. No contract term – pay as you go
6. Access emails via your iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or email enabled mobile phone
7. Access emails in any web browser on any computer Outlook Web Access
8. Emails online 24/7 - 365 days year

$22 per/month (per mailbox) + $197 setup fee per organisation
Each mailbox gives you the following:
1. 25GB storage capacity per mailbox
2. Emails backed up nightly
3. Anti-spam protection
4. Setup support for any device
5. Secure 24x7 monitoring
6. Access to Outlook Web Access

We make it easier for you to run your business. No risks, no surprises.

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