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Secure Offsite Internet Backup

Our Offsite Backup Service is a fully automated, easy to use, highly secure backup and protection service for your PCs and servers. Ensuring adequate protection for your business data has never been more important, however the complexity and hassle of most traditional backup methods leaves many business owners hoping that they never have to rely on them.
Using specialised backup software and your regular internet connection, Simplifying IT can now safely backup your data offsite to our highly-secure enterprise class data centre facilities located right here in Perth, Western Australia. Protect your business data for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Contact us today for a FREE trial service and quotation.

Why backup your data with us?
1. Fully automated and easy to use
2. When properly set up, does not disrupt day to day business
3. Data is stored and replicated across two high-security enterprise class N+1 redundant data centre facilities located in Perth WA!
4. Support for Microsoft Windows & Windows Server, Linux, MacOS & Novell Networks.
5. Highly secure 256Bit AES encryption ensures your privacy
6. No need to manually back up to tapes or hard drives
7. Default 28 day retention policy

We make it easier for you to run your business. No risks, no surprises.

Trusted in Western Australia's marketplace for more than 13 years. Are you ready to streamline your business ?
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