Accessing a Shared Mailbox Using Outlook 2011 for Mac

Important: Before beginning this article, you need to make sure that a Simplifying IT support team member has already actioned a request for your shared mailbox to be active. If you have not done so, please contact Simplifying IT Support first.


Step 1. In Outlook 2011 for Mac, open the program and then select the Tools menu from the top of the screen, and then select Account

Step 2 - In the window that appears, select your Exchange account and click Advanced….


Step 3 - Click the Delegates tab. In the section named Users I am a delegate for, click the Add… button.



Step 4 - The Select User window will appear. Type in the name of the shared mailbox in the text box and click Find. Select the desired user from the search result list that appears and click OK.

In this example, we are connecting to the shared mailbox named shared:


Step 5 - Click OK again to close the accounts window. After a short period of time that shared mailbox will appear as a folder in the View list on the left side.


Sending email from the new shared account: You will be able to send and receive mail messages using the shared mailbox as you would your own mail messages. However, when creating a brand new message, be sure to specify the shared mailbox account as the sender on the From: line using the pop-down menu.

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