Accessing Webdrive from your iPhone

Webdrive can also be conveniently accessed from your iPhone while you’re away from your computer.

STEP 1 – Find and download the Webdrive app from the iTunes App Store. Simple search for “Webdrive” to find it.  Once installed, simply open it from your phone’s main screen.









Step 2 – Once open, select the “Site Profiles” option at the bottom.









Step 3 – In the Site Profile screen, press the “+” sign in the top right to add a new site.









Step 4 – Select “WebDav” from the list.









Step 5 – Fill out the fields with your Webdrive information. For example

Site profile: make a name for your connection, e.g. Company Webdrive
Host Name/ IP: the address of your webdrive, i.e.
Username: your username
Password: your password
Save Password: select to save password or not

When completed, press the DONE button.









Step 6 – If entered correctly, the Webdrive site will save.









Step 7 – You will see your new Webdrive entry in the list. To open it and see your files, simply press it.









Step 8 – You should now see your files.




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