Adding or changing an email signature in Outlook 2010

Step 1: Open Outlook and from the menu bar, select File.

Step 2: Select Options. This will bring up the “OUTLOOK PROPERTIES” dialog.

Step 3: Select Mail and click on Signatures….

Step 4: The “SIGNATURES AND STATIONERY” dialog will open.

Step 5: Click New.

Step 6: Give the signature a “name”, e.g. Signature For My Cloud Email. – and then click OK.

Step 7: To add text to your signature, make sure the new signature is selected in the Select signature to edit section.

Step 8: Click the left mouse button in the Edit signature section and start creating your signature.

Within the editor you have various options to change the font, colour, insert graphics, etc

When finished editing, click Save.

Step 9: Now assign the new signature to your email account.

In the Choose default signature section, make sure the correct E-mail account is selected under E-mail account:.

From the drop-down lists, select the new signature for New messages: and Replies/forwards:.

Click OK.

Step 10: Click OK.

You have now correctly setup your email signature in Outlook 2010.

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