Cannot open multiple PDF files in Webdrive

Some users may find that they cannot open more than one Adobe PDF files at a time while using files in the Webdrive file system. This is an issue with the Adobe Acrobat program and luckily has an easy fix. Please follow the steps below to resolve.

Step 1 – Open an example PDF file from the Webdrive system. Once open, navigate using the top menu to Edit -> Preferences.


Step 2 – Select the “General” menu from the left, then at the bottom UNTICK the setting for “Enable Protected Mode and Startup”. Select YES to the resulting popup.


Step 3 – Now select the “Security (Enhanced)” menu item from the left, and UNTICK the selection for “Enable Enhanced Security”. Press OK at the bottom of the window, and accept any preference changes. Now close all PDF files.


Step 4 – Go back into your Webdrive and you should now be able to open multiple PDF files.

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