Connecting to a Remote Desktop from your Mac

Step 1 - Visit the App Store on your Mac, and search and download the app called “Microsoft Remote Desktop. Please refer to screenshot below to ensure you download the correct one.


Step 2 – Once installed, locate the new orange Microsoft Remote Desktop either in your Application folder, or on your dock, and run it. I can also be simply searched for from Finder. Drag it to your dock for easy use later if you prefer.

Once run, click the “New” icon as below to begin a new server connection setup.


Step 3 - Enter the details for your server. These details will be different for every customer. If you need assistance, please contact our support.


Step 4 - Once done, simply exit from the setup screens (Mac’s generally do not have an “OK” or “Submit” button). Your new connection will now be listed in the main screen when the app is run. To connect to your server connection, simply double click it.


PLEASE NOTE: Upon first connection you may encounter one or more permission or security notifications. This is completely normal. Simply select “OK” or “Confirm” to any of these messages, and if available, select any “Do not ask me again” prompts.

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