Fixing “corrupt file” error when opening Word and Excel documents from Outlook 2013

When using Outlook 2013 and you try to open a Excel of Word document, you may recieve an error message like the one below:


Luckily, the file is not usually corrupt, and saving the file to your hard drive first before opening usually fixes the issue. For a more permanent solution so that these files open straight from Outlook 2013, follow the following steps.


Step 1 - Open either Microsoft Word 2013 or Excel 2013 – the process is the same for each, however it will need to be repeated for both programs. From the welcome screen, select a blank template as below.


Step 2 - from the top left menu, select FILE


Step 3 - from the left menu, select OPTIONS


Step 4 - from the new left menu, select TRUST CENTER, and then click the TRUST CENTER SETTINS button.


Step 5 – From the new box, select PROTECTED VIEW from the left menu. Then deselectEnable Protected View for Outlook attachments“. Click OK to all of the open windows to save the settings.




Step 6 - Repeat this process for the other software, either Word or Excel. You should now be able to open Excel / Word documents from Outlook.

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