Forwarding calls on your IP-550/650 Phone

The call forward feature allows you to forward your calls to another phone.

  1. To forward you calls, press the “Forward” soft key on your phone screen.
  2. You will presented with 3 options; Always Forward (always forward the call), No Answer (only forward the call if there is no answer), and Busy  (only forward the call if line is busy). Select which option you want using the arrow keys, and then press the SELECT soft key on your screen.
  3. Enter the phone number you wish to forward to, then press the ENABLE soft key on your screen. You phone will return to the main screen and forwarding will be enabled.
  4. Remember to disable forwarding when required. Return to the same menu option as above and use the DISABLE soft key to disable.

Video Tutorial

NOTE: please do not view this video if you are viewing this page on your Simplifying IT Remote Server. Please copy and paste this page address off your server to ensure you can see and hear this video properly. 

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