Housekeeping your server user and free up space

Our remote servers work best when the system drives have ample space left for processing. After using your Simplifying IT server login for long periods of time, there are some areas that can be clogged with unnecessary data that should be cleared periodically to help keep the server clean and free of space.

This article will discuss 3 of those simple methods that user’s can perform easily themselves.

Method 1 – Emptying your server recycle bin

This is one of the easiest yet overlooked ways to free up space. Simply navigate to your server desktop, and right click your recycle bin icon as below and select “Empty Recycle Bin”. If you’re worried about permanently deleting something in the Recycle Bin that you’d like to keep, double click on it instead and restore the files you need before performing this.



Method 2 – Clearing out your Outlook’s Deleted Item’s folder. 

Despite being called “Deleted Items” – this folder in your Outlook mailbox still contributes to space on the server. Permanently deleting everything in this folder will free up much needed space on the server. In your Outlook, simply right-click the Deleted Items folder and choose “Empty Folder” as below.


You will be asked if you want to permanently delete everything, click “Yes”.


Note: if you have performed this deletion but realise you actually needed an email from this folder, don’t panic. Item’s in this folder are kept on the Simplifying IT mail server for an additional 14 days before being permanently deleted. Contact us if you need assistance with this type of restore.

Method 3 – Deleting your “Downloads” folder. 

When you download files from a web browser or similar, they are automatically stored in your server user’s Downloads folder. Over time this can be filled with old unneeded documents that can contribute heavily to server space. Permanently delete this useless items to help free up space.

Firstly navigate to your Downloads folder by opening a new File Explorer window as below.


Then click on your “Downloads” folder from the left navigation.


You will then see all of the downloaded items that have accumulation over time. Select them all at once by left-click and dragging around them all until they are all highlighted as below. Alternatively you can use Ctrl + A on your keyboard. Once they are all selected, right click on one and select “Delete”. IMPORTANT: This will move all the items to the Recycle Bin. Please now releat “Method 1 – Emptying your server recycle bin” to permanently delete these items. Alternatively, you can hold down the SHIFT key and press the DELETE key on your keyboard to automatically permanently delete the files without having to empty the recycle bin.


If you have any further questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Simplifying IT on 1800 80 99 68 or emailing

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