How do I prevent files from downloading automatically in explorer?

If you notice files automatically downloading while browsing a drive in explorer there may be several causes for it however WebDrive will at no time download a file on it’s own, the files are only being downloaded because an application has attempted to open the file and read it’s contents. Usually this is explorer itself or a shell extension, some of the reasons are to extract an icon or generate a thumbnail view of the file or to obtain extended document information for display in explorer. To prevent this from happening please check the following settings:

1) On the WebDrive site properties / file settings dialog tab make sure that “Disable explorer icon handler to prevent file download” is checked (enabled)
2) On the WebDrive program settings / general settings dialog tab make sure that “Disable shell column handlers while connected” is checked (enabled)
3) In Windows explorer on the folder options/view settings check the following settings
a) “show pop-up descriptions for folder and desktop items” should be disabled (not checked)

Also if you are running on a 64 bit operating system make sure you are running the 64 bit version of WebDrive.

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