How to check your Junk Mail folder

If you seem to be missing emails that you are sure should have been delivered to your inbox, before investigating further it is wise to check if these emails have accidentally been moved to your Junk Mail folder.

1. Open your Outlook email program. On the left hand side menu, click on the folder that reads “Junk E-Mail“.


2. This will now display emails that Outlook considers junk. Important emails may have accidentally been sent or moved to this folder.


If you have noticed that important emails are in your Junk Email folder that should not be there, please follow these instructions.

1. Right click the email in question, then select the “Junk” menu, then finally click “Not Junk“. This will tell Outlook this email address is no longer junk.


2. Finally, to move the email to your regular Inbox (or other folder), right click the email again, select “Move” and then select the folder (such as Inbox) to move your email message to. The email message will now appear in the correct folder.

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