How to save contacts in Outlook 2010

One of the useful features of Outlook 2010 is the suggested contacts that appear in the “To” field of a new emails as you begin typing an email address or name. However, these suggested contacts are only cached versions, and do not belong to the main contact list. If you email requires transfer to a new machine etc, these suggested contacts will no longer be available.

To ensure your contacts are saved permanently to your contact list, we recommend performing the following steps every time you begin a new email.

Step 1: Start a new email message, and begin typing a persons email address or name into the “To” field. Your cached suggested contacts will appear as a dropdown. Select the one you wish to add to your Contacts list.


Step 2 – With the email address or name in the “To” field, right click it and then select “Add to Outlook Contacts“.


Step 3 – A new popup window will appear which will allow you to save the email address as a new contact. Optionally add any further info to this contact, otherwise simply click the “Save and Close” button in the top left to save the contact. This contact will now be saved into your permanent contacts list and will follow your email account during future migrations.

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