How to use Treesize on the Remote Server

Treesize is a lightweight application that quickly and efficiently provides a graphical view of a hard disk in a hierarchical (hence the name tree) format. It is particularly useful in finding out where disk space is used up on a hard drive.


Step 1 – Open Treesize on your Remote Server by going to Start -> Treesize Free -> Treesize Free


Step 2 – Once Treesize is open, begin a new scan by selecting Scan in the top menu.


Step 3 – In the Scan drop down menu, select the drive you wish to scan.


Step 4 - Treesize will now begin to process all folders in that drive and visually show you which folders are taking up the most space. Please note this may take 5-10 minutes to fully finish. You may navigate through the folders via the “+” icons to see deeper into each folder.

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