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Fax Manager is a Fax-2-Email service that allows you to send and receive faxes via email directly from your computer using your email account.  Fax Manager eliminates the need for a traditional fax machine or the costs associated with a fax phone line.




To get started with Fax Manager you first need to have your fax manager account details.  If you have not yet received your account details, please contact your Fax Manager representative or cloud service provider.


Your Fax Manager account details will consist of:


1. Your Authorised Email Address

2. Your Fax Manager password

3. Your Incoming Fax Number




If your Fax Manager account has been configured with an incoming fax number then you will receive faxes sent from other fax machines to that number into your chosen email account.


You can have multiple email recipients attached to your incoming fax number.  To edit or update the receipient email addresses used for receiving faxes please contact your Fax Manager representative or cloud service provider.


You can also easily respond to faxes that you receive with a return fax by clicking reply in your email software.  Please see the next section on how to Send Faxes.




To send a fax you will need to know your Authorised Email Address, as well as the Fax Manager Password attached to your Authorised Email Address.


Here are the simple steps to sending a FAX VIA EMAIL:


1. Create a new email and in the TO or CC headers of the email, enter the remote fax number that you want to receive the fax in the following EMAIL format:


(EXAMPLE: To send a fax to 0862226699 you should enter an email recipient of


**When sending a fax to an Australian fax number, please enter the full 10 digit number, including the area code (EG. To Fax a WA Number:

**When sending a fax to an international fax number, please include the international fax code 0015 before the country code and phone number (EG. To Fax a New Zealand Number:



2. Ensure that the FROM address you are sending your email from is one of your Authorised Fax Manager Email addresses, otherwise your fax will be rejected.


3. Enter your Fax Manager password belonging to the Authorised Email Address that you are using in the SUBJECT line or BODY of your email.  NOTE – THIS PASSWORD IS CASE SENSITIVE!


4. Attach the document(s) that you would like to send to the remote fax machine as an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file format.   See below for tips on how to convert Word/Excel and other documents to (.PDF) format for sending via fax!


4. Click SEND to send your email and within several minutes your fax will be sent and you will receive a confirmation email.




**Because Fax Manager fax numbers are processed in the format of an email address (IE. you can easily save your commonly used fax numbers as email address contacts in your email program or mobile device.  Sending a Fax has now never been easier!


**You can automatically respond to incoming fax emails with a return fax by clicking the reply button in your email program, attaching your document and including your Fax Manager password.  Please note that this feature is only available when the sending fax machine included a valid Fax Number as its Station ID during its original transmission.  You should ALWAYS check the fax number is correct before sending your reply email.


**You can send faxes to multiple fax recipients using the one email.  Simply included additional email recipients in the TO or CC headers of your email.  Please note that each recipient listed on an email will count as a seperate fax transmission.


**You can attach multiple documents to a single email to be faxed.  Please note that each document will be sent to the fax recipients as a seperate fax in order to limit the transmission time and increase the successfulness of each transmission.


**Faxes that cannot be sent on their first try (Eg. remote fax machine line is engaged) will automatically retry the transmission up to 6 times at 10 minute intervals after which you will receive a failure confirmation email.


**Some email programs will automatically capitalise the first words you write in sentence.  This can sometimes make the Fax Manager password you entered in your email incorrect.  Pay close attention to the auto-correction features in your email software to avoid sending problems due to incorrect passwords.


**If you have multiple email addresses that you may commonly wish to fax from, you should arrange with your Fax Manager representative to have these added to your list of Authorised Fax Manager email addresses.


**Do you have an existing fax line number?  We can transfer your number to the Fax Manager system so you can keep it forever without paying for a fax machine, fax consumables, or fax phone lines!  Speak to your Fax Manager representative today for an application form.



==TIPS FOR WORKING WITH Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) Files==


Currently Fax Manager only works and understands Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file attachments.  If you would like to fax a Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher or other popular document format you will first need to save or convert the document to PDF format.  Below are some tips for converting files to PDF:


1. The Latest versions of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and above will automatically save a document to .PDF format.  Just click the FILE tab, choose Save-AS and select Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) as the file type.


2. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 you can download and install the FREE Microsoft “Save as PDF” plugin at the following website –


3. If you are using any other program and wish to convert your document to PDF format, you can download a number of free “PDF Printer” softwares.  These softwares will install a Virtual PDF printer on your computer, and by printing a document to the virtual printer you can create a PDF file from virtual any program that you use on your computer.  Below is a list of FREE softwares that you can try.


**PDF Creator – (FREE)


**Cute PDF Writer – (FREE)


NOTE: These SOFTWARES should be used and installed at your OWN RISK!!!!


4. You can optionally purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat.  This product not only provides integrated PDF creation from almost every software on your computer, but allows you to edit, create and manipulate PDF pages and files with ease.


**Download Trial Version of Adobe Acrobat –

**More Information –




If you need more help with your Fax Manager service, please contact Simplifying IT for assistance.

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