Issue emailing from MYOB

Recently there has been a widely known issue in regards to MYOB where users who attempt to email directly from MYOB may experience the program to freeze and/or lockup. If this occurs on a remote server, rebooting the login does not appear to remedy the issue.

Luckily, in this case MYOB has not actually crashed. If you send an email from MYOB without first opening your email program MYOB will automatically open a dialog box asking for you to choose the default application to use, unfortunately in most cases this dialog box opens behind all other opened windows making it hard to know when this is ready to select, it can present itself as if MYOB has crashed however this is not the case.

If you are experiencing this, please follow the following steps to fix. However please note: by opening your email client (Outlook etc) before using MYOB to send emails, this issue can be prevented completely.

Step 1 – When your MYOB is at this stage, simply hover the mouse over the MYOB icon in your taskbar as shown below, and then left click the “Choose Profile” option.

Step 2 - You will now see the hidden dialog box appear to the front of the screen where you can select the default profile you wish to send the email from, in most cases this will be “Outlook” click “OK” to continue and your email will send as normal in a few seconds.


Optional: Changing your taskbar to make it easier to select the “Choose profile” window.

This optional step will help you change your taskbar so that the “Choose profile” window as described earlier, becomes easier to select next time you are printing from MYOB.

Step 1 – Right click the task bar and then select “Properties

Step 2 - On this new window you will see the option “Taskbar Buttons” click on the drop down arrow to change this setting

Step 3 - From this selection you want to choose “Never Combine” and then click Apply and then OK.

Step 4 - You will now see that the “Choose Profile” tab is displayed to the right hand side of the MYOB tab rather then behind and should make for an easier reference that you need to select this option before you can send your email out from MYOB.

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