Password Protect Word Documents

There are two ways to password protect Microsoft Word documents to prevent others from opening them.

Password Protect Documents using FILE > Info > Protect Document

The first way to encrypt a Microsoft Word document with a password is:

  1. From the FILE menu, click Info and then Protect Document (in Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office button, select Prepare, and click Encrypt Document):Protect Document


  2. Select Encrypt with Password:Encrypt with Password


  3. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, enter your password and click OK:Encrypt Document Dialog Box


  4. In the Confirm Password dialog box, reenter your password and click OK:Confirm Password Dialog Box


  5. Save your document.
  6. To remove or change your password, simply follow the steps above and either remove your password or enter a new password.

Password Protect Documents using FILE > Save As

The second way to password protect a Microsoft Word document is:

  1. From the FILE menu, click Save As (in Word 2007, select the Microsoft Office button and select Save As):File Save As


  2. In the Save As dialog box, click Tools and select General Options:Save As Dialog Box


  3. In the General Options dialog box, enter password(s) to open and/or edit:General Options Dialog Box


  4. Click OK. You’ll get a reenter password dialog box to confirm the password(s), one for each type of password.
  5. You can remove the passwords by going to the Save as dialog box, selecting the General Options in the Tools drop-down, and clearing the passwords.

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