Set Out of Office replies using Exchange 2013 and OWA13

If you are using Exchange 2013, you may conveniently setup Out of Office replies using your email username and password and logging into Outlook Web Access.

STEP 1 – visit in a web browser, and log in using your email username and password. (Note: this is not the same as your server credentials, please contact us if you are unsure of these details).


STEP 2 – Once logged in, in the top right of the dashboard, left click the small “cog” icon menu and click “Set automatic replies”


STEP 3 - On the following screen you will be able activate your auto replies, set your custom message, and set what time frame it remains activated.

Ensure the “Send automatic replies” radio button is selected. If you want the replies to automatically turned off after a certain date, check the “Send replies only during this time period” and set your preferred start and finish time. In the large box, enter your custom message. This message will automatically send to recipients who try to email you.

A little further down, ensure the radio button for “Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organisation” – this will ensure external senders outside your company will also receive your message. The second box will allow you to customize a different message for external senders.

Click the blue SAVE button at the bottom to save.



Step 4 – Use the top menu to sign out when finished.


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