Set up Out Of Office replies using POP3 Webmail

Hi you have a POP3 email account with Simplifying IT and wish to set an automatic reply to all incoming emails, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Log into Webmail. Simply visit in your web browser to visit our POP3 webmail log in screen. Input your email username and password to continue. If you do not know these details, please get in touch with support.


Step 2 – Once logged into the webmail dashboard, go to the Options link in top right of the screen. You can access this menu by clicking the avatar image in the top right, then clicking “Options”.


Step 3 – You will now be greeted with the Options box. Select “Mail” from the top tabs, then select “Autoresponder” from the menu on the left.

You will now be able to setup and activate your auto responder. Select an option for “mode” – this determines if your responder will reply to all emails, or only once to each sender. By default, you should select “Respond always” so your message is always delivered.

In the Subject, enter the text you want to display in the subject line of your auto reply email.

In the Text box, type your full auto reply message.

If you would only like the auto reply to be active for a certain period, tick the “Respond to messages sent to user’s email address only” and enter the date range in the date range section.

Once completed, press the blue “OK” button in the bottom left of the screen.


Step 4 – Your auto reply is now setup. If you did not select a date range, you will need to manually go back to these settings and change the “Mode” back to “Disabled” to turn it off.


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