Setup a new Exchange Email Profile in Outlook 2010 and Windows 7

This article will instruct you how to setup a new Simplifying IT Exchange Email Profile in Outlook 2010. While Outlook Profiles may support multiple emails, this article will assume you wish to create a new profile from scratch with your Simplifying IT Exchange email.


Step 1 – Please navigate to the Mail icon in the Control panel as below. To find Control Panel, click Start -> Control Panel.


Step 2 – In Control Panel, navigate to User Accounts and Family Safety, and then select Mail as below.


Step 3 - rom the Mail Setup window select Show Profiles.
NOTE: If your computer does not have any Outlook profiles already set up, you will not see the Mail Setup window and can skip to step 4.


Step 4 - Select the Add button near the middle of the Mail window.


Step 5 - Type your desired Profile Name in the New Profile window.
NOTE: If more than one account is set up on the computer, Outlook will prompt you to select the account you’d like to log in to from the list of Profile Names.


Select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and press next.


Step 6 - You should now see the Add New Email Account setup wizard. Choose Microsoft Exchange from the list of email services.


Step 7 – On the following screen, type the following details as below:

Enter the Microsoft Exchange server name EXACTLY as

Enter the exchange mailbox username E.g. company.firstname

These settings MUST be typed exactly to avoid connection problems. Then click on the More Settings button.


Step 8 - On the More Settings dialog window shown below, click on the Connection tab, then under the Outlook Anywhere section at the bottom, tick Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP option.

Click on the Exchange Proxy settings… button.


Step 9 - On the Microsoft Exchange Proxy settings dialog, in the first field under the connection settings, type EXACTLY

Make sure BOTH of the following options are ticked:

  • Connect using SSL only
  • Only connect to proxy servers that have this principle name in their certificate:

In the the principle certificate field underneath type EXACTLY

Underneath make sure BOTH of the following options are also ticked:

  • On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
  • On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP

Down the bottom ensure the Proxy Authentication setting is set to NTLM Authentication


Step 10 - Click OK, then OK again to close the More Settings window and then choose Next and Finish to complete the setup wizard.


Step 11 – At this point, you will be asked to confirm username and password settings for your inbox as below. Please select Use another account


Step 12 – Enter the details exactly as below, relacing “” with your mailbox username and “Password” with your password. Please ensure the word “EXCHANGE” is in capitals and following by a (\) backslash.


Tick ‘remember my credentials’

Then click OK


Step 13 – If entered correctly, Outlook 2010 will open with your new Exchange account. If you email has a lot of emails, please allow some time to let Outlook 2010 download them.

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