Setup a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

To access your ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ tool in Windows 10, press the Windows Start button from the bottom left of your screen so the following menu will appear. In the bottom search box, simply type the word “Remote desktop connection” and the item will appear at the top search results. Left click on this.

On the new popup, type in the name of your computer, or your supplied Simplifying IT server name (usually “”)

Select ‘Options’ you can fill in your username as it has been provided to you here if you wish otherwise you will have the opportunity to do this later. You can also tick ‘Allow me to save credentials’ if you wish

Now select ‘Display‘ and set the Colors dropdown to ‘High Color 16 bit

Then select the ‘Local Resources’ tab and make sure that ‘Printers’ and ‘Clipboard’ are selected, then click on ‘More’:

Tick ‘Drives’ and ‘Other Supported Plus and Play (PnP) devices’ then click OK

Return to the General tab. You can now click the “Save As” to save a copy of this remote desktop setting to a place on your computer, most commonly your Desktop.

Double click on your new icon that you saved, and you will be asked to fill in your credentials and you need to type your username and password exactly as they have been provided to you and click ‘OK

You will then be logged into your Remote Server that will look similar to the screen shot below:

If you have any issues please feel free to begin a new support ticket on the right hand side of this page.

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