Setup Exchange 2013 Email Account on Samsung Galaxy S7

Your new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone can connect to Simplifying IT’s Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync server and sync your email, calendar, contacts and even tasks. You, however, need to know the server settings for the sync to be successful and that you can download your messages to your phone.

This article will guide you through properly setting up your Simplifying IT Microsoft Exchange email:

Step 1 – From the home screen, select the “Apps” app.


Step 2 – Select the “Settings” app.


Step 3 – Select “Accounts”


Step 4 – Select “Add Account” from the bottom of the list.


Step 5 – Select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” from the list.


Step 6 – Enter your email and mailbox password into the sections as below. Be careful with your password as it will be case sensitive. Then select “Manual Setup”.


Step 7 – Fill out the details on this page as below. The email and password details should already be filled out.

Domain\Username: CLOUD13\
Exchange Server:
Use secure connection (SSL): Ticked

Once completed, select “Sign In” from the bottom right.


Step 8 – You will receive a security message as below, select OK.


Step 9 – Your email will now be available from your default mail app. You calendar and contacts will also imported and use able from your phone’s default calendar and contact apps.



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