Setup POP Email on Samsung Galaxy S2

This article shows you how to setup your Simplifying IT POP email on your Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone, using the default Email application.

1. Find your Email application by selecting the Email icon from your home screen OR if you icon is not on the home screen, select Applications and then Email.

2. In your Email application, press the bottom left Menu button on your phone to bring up the following menu. Scroll down and select Settings.

3. You now will see the setup screen. Enter your email address, and provided password (if you need your password please contact us). Now UNTICK the “Push notification” box. You will notice that the button at the bottom will change to “Manual Setup”. Select this button.

4. Select POP3 account from the following window.

5. In the following screen, input the following details:

Username: Your provided username
Password: Your provided password
POP3 server:
Security type: None
Port: 110
Delete email from server: When I delete from inbox (this setting will delete your email permanently if deleted from your phone)

6. In the next screen, please input the following:

SMTP server:
Security type: None
Port: 366
TICK Require sign-in
Username / Password: Your username and password (should be pre-filled)

7. On the next screen, give your new email account a name (E.g. Work Email). Type your full name in the “Your name” field which will show on outgoing messages. Select Done.

8. On the following screen, please tick or untick the boxes that suits you. Ticking the first box will mean email is sent from this account by default. Ticking the second box will notify your phone when a new email arrives.

10. The final screen shows you your new email account has been completed. You may now view and send email from this account via your Email application.

If you have any further questions of issues, please do not hesitate to send us a new support ticket on the right hand side of this page.

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