Setup POP3 Email on your iPhone

This tutorial illustrates how to setup your standard internet email service using either the POP or IMAP on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad mobile device.

NOTE: Please make sure your mobile device has internet connectivity before proceeding with this tutorial.

Step 1 - From the iPhone or iPad main menu screen choose the Settings icon.

Step 2 – From the list of items select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

Step 3 - Select the Add Account… option from the list of menu items.

Step 4 - From the list of of email service types choose the Other option.

Step 5 - Next choose the Add Mail Account option.

Step 6 - Enter your full nameemail address and password for your email account as shown. You can enter a friendly Description of your email account to identify the account on your device. Click the Next button and your device will now try and verify your account settings.

Step 7 - Scroll down and enter the Incoming Mail Server information as shown. You will need to specify the Host Name and also your email account User Name. Your Password should already be entered from a previous step.

Step 8 - Scrolls down and enter the Outgoing Mail Server information as shown. You will need to specify the Host Name, your email account User Name and also type in your Password.

Step 9 - Click the Save button to save and verify your email account settings. Your device should now connect to the server. If an error occurs go back and check your settings carefully. If you are unable to successfully verify your email account settings check your device has internet connectivity or try adjusting the advanced settings in the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of this tutorial.

Step 10 - Once your device has saved the email account settings, the account should appear in the list of accounts under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings screen.

Step 11 - After a few minutes you should be able to access your email from the Mail icon on the iPhone or Ipad main menu screen.

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