Transferring calls on a VVX400 VOIP Phone

When you transfer a call to another person, you have the option to talk to the person before the transfer completes.

If your phone supports a blind transfer, you can automatically transfer a call without talking to the other person. The call is automatically transferred after you dial the number you’re transferring the call to.

To transfer a call:

During a call, press Transfer. The active call is now on hold.

If you wish to transfer the call to an extension, press the Lines button. The screen will now show all your regular extensions. Press the button corresponding to the extension contact you wish to transfer the call to. You will now be calling to that person to speak with before completing the transfer. When you wish to complete the transfer, press the Transfer button, or if you wish to cancel the transfer, press the Cancel button.

To perform a blind transfer:

If you do not wish to talk to the person you wish to transfer to before the call is transferred, you may perform a Blind Transfer instead.

From Lines or Calls view, press Transfer. The active call is now on hold.

On the screen, press Blind, and place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to. If you don’t see Blind, press More, and then Blind.

The call automatically transfers to the person you specified.

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