Using Sniptool to capture screenshots of your screen

Taking screenshots of your computer screen is handy, especially when you have encountered an error or issue and would like to send us a screenshot of the error so we can help out.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have an excellent native tool which allows you to take a simple screenshot of any portion of your screen and save it as an image file.

To use the Snipping Tool, simply follow these instructions:

1. Go to Start (the Windows icon)

2. Click on All Programs

 3. Click on Accessories

4. Then click Snipping Tool

5. The Snipping Tool program will open, and will automatically go into capture mode and your mouse cursor will change.

6. To create a new capture, simply click and drag around the area that you would like to save.

7. On release of your mouse, your selection will show into the Snipping Tool program.

8. If you would like to make a new selection, press the “New” button – otherwise if you are happy with the screenshot, click the purple disk “Save” icon next to “New”.

9. Save the file somewhere on your computer.

10. Now when you email our support email, or start a new support ticket, you can attach your newly created screenshot along with the email/ticket!

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